Art Kiosk Panel

$ 5,000.00

Be Inspired

For nearly 10 years, local cancer survivors have participated in Art of Life’s Paint it Forward Project, creating works of art that gave hope to the walls of local cancer centers and hospitals. With the development of the Art of Life Healing Garden, cancer survivors, including men, women, and children, will soon be able to showcase their Paint it Forward masterpieces in custom, double-sided Art Kiosks. Bringing color, creativity, encouragement and hope to the Healing Garden in Woodward Park, survivors’ art and stories will impact thousands of people each year for generations to enjoy.


A tax-deductible gift of $5,000 to the Art of Life Healing Garden will sponsor one panel of the Art Kiosk and your donation will be honored with a permanent plaque honoring your family name or company logo.

SET UP A FUNDRAISING TEAM to raise the money for this product. It's fast, simple, and uses the power of social media and the generosity of people to help you achieve your goal of adopting a tree for a loved one impacted by cancer. 


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