Adopt-a-Tulip Seat

$ 5,000.00


Tulips are symbols of perfect love and are heralds of spring. They are jewels among our flowers, bringing joy and a smile to anyone who receives them.  Tulips are also one of the first flowers to blossom each year and each color has special meaning:

  • Red (love) - declaration of true love
  • Pink/Purple (happy) - care, best wishes and conveys a message of encouragement 
  • Yellow (joy) - cheerful thoughts, warmth and says "there's sunshine in your smile"
  • Orange (spirit) - happiness, energy, and enthusiasm
  • Blue (fresh) - peace, tranquility & trust

The Tulpi, an urban chair in the shape of a tulip, was created by Dutch designer, Marco Manders, with the perfect combination of design, ergonomics and sustainability.  The Tulpi's are best when planted in bunches to spark conversation, camaraderie and a sense of community.  Each tulip will have it's own personalized plaque to share words of dedication and hope.

Set up a fundraising team to raise the money for this product. It's fast, simple, and uses the power of social media and the generosity of people to help you achieve your goal of adopting a tree for a loved one impacted by cancer.

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