Hope in Bloom

$ 250.00 $ 500.00

When life's struggles feel like they are trying to push you down into the dirt, remember that hope can grow even in the darkest of times. You see, what they don't know is that you are a seed. You will grow, even through despair and hardships. In fact, it is the process of growing and pushing out of the dirt that makes you strong. When you bloom, you will radiate with a beauty that draws others to you giving you the chance to share what you have learned ... "hope is alive!"
Kathy Falk, Laurie Jaffa
Sandra Miller, Lorraine Peters
Artistic Director:
Julie Copeland


  1. All of the artwork featured in this collection are original canvases created by cancer survivors as a part of Art of Life’s Paint it Forward Project. 
  2. All canvases are 24” x 36” and 1-3/8” deep, painted with acrylic paints.
  3. Due to the delicate nature of these canvases they cannot be shipped and must be picked up locally. Once your order is complete, we will contact you to coordinate the best pick up time.
  4. In an effort to “Paint it Forward,” all proceeds benefit the Art of Life, gifting more survivors the opportunity to experience the healing power of art. A large portion of this purchase is tax deductible. For any questions, please call 559-301-5606 or email info@artoflifecancer.org

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